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Photos from Panama's Embera Indian Village, Portobelo, and Las Perlas Islands, as well Costa Rica's Drakes Bay. NOTE: Photos from the San Blas Islands (off Panama's coast) are in their own section.

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Bridge of the Americas
Crossing the Panama Canal connecting North and South America.
Chagres River at Embera Village
This is the only way to get to their secluded village.
Coconuts on the Mound
Two coconut palms remain as the ground below is eroding away.
Cruising up the Chagres River
Journey through the rainforest to reach the isolated Embera-Dura village.
Drake's Bay Bridge
Lush rainforest surrounding beautiful river with suspension bridge.
Drake's Bay River
Lush rainforest surrounding beautiful river with suspension bridge.
Embera Musicians
Playing their local instruments while the women do their traditional dance.
Embera School Kids
They all stopped unexpectedly for a spontaneous photo... and then continued playing.
Fort San Fernando - Portobelo
17 old cannons from the fort that was built in the 1750s.
Granito de Oro
'Little grain of gold.' Located off Coiba Island in Panama.
Hand-woven Baskets
Beautiful and practical works of art made by the Embera Indians.
Isla del Ray
Located in Las Perlas on the Pacific coast of Panama.
Isla del Ray 2
Located in Las Perlas on the Pacific coast of Panama.
Navigating the Chagres River
Embera indian assisting the dugout canoe through the shallow river.
Portobelo Bay
S/V Mandalay as seen from Casa Fuerte, higher up Fort San Fernando.
Red Ginger
Vibrant flower found throughout the tropics.
School Recess
Embera kids having a good time of their dirt soccer field.
Simple Life
Small beach house on Isla Pedro Gonzales, Las Perlas Islands.
Torch Ginger
Found throughout the lush areas of Costa Rica.
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