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Here's some of my more unique photos of people that I have come across over the years. Certain ones aren't for sale (you won't be able to add it to the shopping cart), but I think they are still worth displaying. :

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Candid Smile
Happy Kuna girl with her eye on something.
Childhood Innocence
Cute Kuna girl smiling for a photo.
Christmas Dinner
Young man walking home with his Chrstmas Eve catch.
Dreadlocked Rasta Kid
Hoping to get some spare change from the passengers coming ashore in Soufriere, St. Lucia.
Embera Musicians
Playing their local instruments while the women do their traditional dance.
Embera School Kids
They all stopped unexpectedly for a spontaneous photo... and then continued playing.
Family Business
Notice mom peeking through the molas, to make sure I pay my $1 for the photo.
Family Portrait
Kuna family posing for a photo.
Fresh Seafood... Delivered!
Kuna fisherman in dugout canoe trying to sell his day's catch of lobster and crab.
Full Moon over Halema'uma'u
View of the glowing steam plume from the Jagger Museum at the Kilauea Volcano summit.
Genuine Mola, Genuine Smile
Young kuna girl working on her masterpiece.
Island Feast
Kuna woman preparing fresh fish in a thatch hut.
Island-style Driving
Mokes were once a popular mode of transportation in St. Barths
Keepin' Time
Dominican folklore drummer keeping the beat for her dancers.
Kuna Girl and her Pets
Posing for a photo with her puppy and iguana (in the unbrella)
Kuna Women
Group of Kuna women watching a group of dancers perform.
Loving Shadows
Happy couple strolling down a sandy Caribbean beach.
Mangos for Sale
Best deal on the island... fresh mangos for only a buck!
Margarita Woman and her Shop
Beautifully weathered local woman selling her crafts on the beach.
Margarita Woman and kid
Beautifully weathered local woman happy as can be.
Margarita Woman up close
Beautifully weathered local woman selling her crafts on the beach.
Multi-use Wheel Barrow
Stroller... what's that! This does the job perfectly.
Navigating the Chagres River
Embera indian assisting the dugout canoe through the shallow river.
One Stop Shop
Kuna woman selling a variety of molas and other items.
Playful Caribbean Kids
Young St. Lucian kids playing peek-a-boo with me.
Rasta Soccer Player
Spontaniously posing for a photo while playing soccer at a black sand beach.
Recycled Life Ring
Kuna girl sitting in an old life ring from the S/V Mandalay.
San Blas Parrothead
Happy as can be, even though she's missing a couple teeth.
School Recess
Embera kids having a good time of their dirt soccer field.
Show Me the Money!
Kuna clildren each asking for their $1 for the photo.
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
Silhouette of a man perched at the end of a wooden dock.
Snorkeler and reef
Exploring the Baths in Virgin Gorda
Snorkelers and reef
Exploring the Baths in Virgin Gorda
Traditional Leg Coverings
Kuna woman adding beadwork to her cover her lower legs.
Wish You Were Here
S/V Mandalay anchored off the San Blas Islands (time-exposure lit by the moon)
Woman of Many Hats
Peruvian woman selling her hats and fabrics in Aguas Calientes, Peru.
Young Elvis
Kuna boy singing 'Happy Birthday' to the passing tourists.
Young Kuna Musician
Young San Blas child playing is musical instrument.
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