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Island Windjammers
S/V Diamant in Grenada and the Grenadines - 2009.
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Anchor's Away
Anchor chain of the S/V Legacy.
Coming into Port at Sunset
Nice sailboat arriving as the sun was setting.
Diamant - FULL SAIL
Diamant under full sail
Diamant port side - star board
Diamant's deck viewed from atop the bridge
Diamant port side - vertical
Diamant's deck viewed from atop the bridge
Diamant under sail - port side
Diamant under full sail
Diamant under sail - stern
Diamant sailing towards Union Island
Diamant under sail - vertical
Diamant under full sail
Diamant under sail - vertical far
Diamant under full sail
Diamant under sail and sun
Diamant under full sail
Docked in Huahine
Amazing Grace exploring the South Pacific islands.
Dolphins on the Bow
Four dolphins escorting the M/V Amazing Grace into Rangiroa.
Dream State
Completely quiet and still at 2am on S/V Polynesia's top deck.
Dugout Canoe with Sails
Kuna man showing off his preferred mode of island transportation.
El Galeon with Super Moon
Full moon setting behind the ship
El Galeon with Super Moon and Bridge
Full moon setting behind El Galeon with the Bridge of Lions
El Galeon with Super Moon in Rigging
Full moon setting behind the rigging of El Galeon in St. Augustine.
End of the Rainbow
S/V Polynesia sailing through the end of the rainbow.
Fishing Boats at Achu Tupu
Clear calm waters of the San Blas Islands.
Fishing Dreams
Old wooded boat on Margarita Island, Venezuela.
Framed by Flora
S/V Polynesia anchored in Nevis.
Full Moon over Diamant
Time-exposure at Port Louis Marina in Grenada
Full Moon over Diamant
Time-exposure at Port Louis Marina in Grenada
Full Sail
Looking up the masts of S/V Mandalay.
Full Sail Ahead
S/V Mandalay sailing along the coast of St. Vincent.
Gigantic Queen Mary 2
A Canadian 12-metre boat miniaturized by the QM2.
Glistening Water Drops
Dramatic sunset after a heavy rain storm.
Glowing as a Storm Approaches
S/V Mandalay anchored in the San Blas Islands (Kuna Yala).
Gustavia Harbor
St. Barths busy Gustavia harbor
Gustavia Harbour
Gustavia harbour welcomes many of the World's most expensive yachts
High Above S/V Legacy
Anchored off Water Island with St. Thomas in the background.
HMS Bounty
Tall Ship HMS Bounty alongside the dock in St. Augustine, Florida.
Iko Tupu with S/V Mandalay
Afternoon storm approaching the San Blas Islands.
Land ho!
S/V Polynesia approaching St. Kitts.
Legacy under full sail
S/V Legacy sailing in the Virgin Islands
Life Prevails
Links of anchor chain from a wreck now becoming an artificial reef.
Los Testigos Beach, Venezuela
Perfect white sand beach with the Amazing Grace at anchor.
Los Testigos, Venezuela
Colorful fishing boat pulled up under a palm tree on the beach.
M/V Amazing Grace
A ship rich in history, currently owned by Windjammer Barefoot Cruises.
Magical Nights
Windjammer flag blowing in the wind with a crescant moon and Venus behind.
Mandalay's Mirror Image
Not moving too quickly in the glassy waters of San Blas.
Mandalay's Mirror Image
Not sailing too quickly in the still San Blas waters.
Mast and Sails
Sails of S/V Polynesia with blue skies overhead.
Nautical Compass
Compass surrounded by dark wood still wet from the rain.
Night Lights
S/V Mandalay and S/V Yankee Clipper anchored off shore.
Nighttime look at the Polynesia
S/V Polynesia anchored in the still Caribbean waters off Nevis.
Operating 24 Hours a Day
Container ships keep a tight schedule and never stop to rest.
Picture-perfect Portofino
This is a perfect day in Portofino
Portofino Bay from Above
View from the 'castle'
Rainbow at the Helm
Ship wheel of the Amazing Grace with an approaching storm.
Rainbow through the Rigging
Masts of the S/V Legacy with a vibrant rainbow.
Rainy Morning at the Helm
At the wheel of the S/V Mandalay on a cloudy morning in the San Blas.
Raising the Anchor
S/V Legacy pulling up the anchor.
Recycled Life Ring
Kuna girl sitting in an old life ring from the S/V Mandalay.
Rigging at Sunset
Looking up the masts of the S/V Polynesia at dusk.
Rigging Galore
A lot of lines to keep straight on the S/V Polynesia.
Rough Seas
S/V Polynesia sailing through rough weather.
Royal Clipper
The largest fully-rigged sailing ship in the world.
S/V Legacy at Anchor
294-foot S/V Legacy anchored in the Bahamas.
S/V Legacy with a Rainbow
Anchored in Virgin Gorda, BVI.
S/V Mandalay in Mayreau
Glowing beneath a a full rainbow.
S/V Mandalay in the distance
S/V Yankee Clipper and S/V Mandalay sailing along the coast of St. Vincent.
S/V Mandalay under Full Sail
Historic 236-foot tall ship at home in the Caribbean.
S/V Polynesia in St. Lucia
Historic tall ship along side the dock in Soufriere.
S/V Polynesia off St. Barths
As seen from the mound above Shell Beach.
Sailing into a Rainbow
Small sailboat headed for the end of the rainbow.
Sailing into the Sunset
S/V Mandalay silhouetted by a beautiful tropical sunset.
Sailing past the Pitons
S/V Yankee Clipper passing St. Lucia's famous twins at sunrise.
San Blas Parking Lot
Colorful dugout canoes tied off to an old wooden dock.
San Blas Sunset
Through the rigging of the S/V Mandalay.
Saturated with Color
Rowboat in Portofino
Schooner Freedom
Saint Augustine's tall ship sailing at sunset
Sea Cloud II
Silhouetted at sunset
Slicing through the Seas
America's Cup winner Stars and Stripes
Smooth Caribbean Sailing!
S/V Mandalay sailing past St. Vincent.
St. Georges, Grenada
S/V Polynesia alongside near the Carenage in St. George's, Grenada.
Sunrise from the Top Deck
Colorful start to the day in the Virgin Islands.
Sunset off the Bow
Sun going down over St. Maarten.
Sunset Silhouette
Picturesque sailboat in the sparkling Caribbean waters.
Sunset through Aft Fairlead
Designed for the ship's lines, it also works great for framing a sunset!
Sunset through the Wheel
Aft helm of the Amazing Grace.
Three Beauties
S/V Polynesia, S/V Yankee Clipper, S/V Mandalay alongside in Grenada.
Three Sailing Beauties
S/V Yankee Clipper, Mandalay and Legacy sailing side by side in the Caribbean.
Tobago Cays
Windjammer's tall ships anchored off one of the Grenadines' gems
Two Legacies
Queen Mary 2 from the S/V Legacy.
Under Sail over the Rail - Vertical
Diamant sailing in the Grenadines
Up the Mast
S/V Polynesia under full sail.
View from the Bosums Chair
S/V Yankee Clipper from atop the mast.
Wish You Were Here
S/V Mandalay anchored off the San Blas Islands (time-exposure lit by the moon)
Wooden Helm
The freshly-varnished wooden helm of the S/V Legacy.
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