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A Cool Summer
A beautiful summer morning in the Alps
A Sea of Blue
The glowing waters of Tobago Cays
A Thirsty Gecko
Madagascar gold-dust day gecko drinking from a water fountain. Kona, Hawaii
Absolute Paradise
Beach umbrella on Shoal Bay
Ahu Nau Nau
Seven giant moai on Anakena Beach - rerurected from 1978 - 1980.
Anastasia Beach at Sunset
Evening glow along beautiful St. Augustine Beach
Anchor's Away
Anchor chain of the S/V Legacy.
Ancient City Gates
Once the only entry/exit to the walled city of St. Augustine.
Anguilla Storm Brewing
Storm approaching in Anguilla
Assorted Nights of Lights Greeting Cards
Assorted St. Augsutine press printed holiday greeting cards with envelopes.
Astronomical Clock
A real work of art... and it tells the time too!
Autumn Memories (vertical)
Newly-fallen Red maple leaves covering the wet green grass
Autumn Snow
Fresh snow covering colorful autumn leaves
Autumn Snow (vertical)
Fresh snow covering colorful autumn leaves
Bayfront Reflections
Early morning look at St Augustine's picturesque waterfront.
Beachfront Iguana - St. Barths
Local iguana perched out on a branch overlooking Shell Beach.
Beachfront Landing
Approaching St. Barths extremely short runway
Beauty of the South Pacific
Between two Motus, with Bora Bora in the distance
Big Island Blues
Kua Bay in Kekaha Kai State Park - Kona, Hawaii. Notice Maui in the distance.
Blue Footed Boobie
Blue-footed booby checking the color of its feet
Caribbean Blues
Colorful boat in St. Barths
Castillo de San Marcos
St Augustine's famous fort, built between 1672 and 1695.
Castillo viewed from the moat
St Augustine's famous fort, built between 1672 and 1695.
Colorful Sunset
It's hard to even see where the horizon ends and she sky begins.
Colorful Tobago Cays
Palm trees and the glowing waters of Tobago Cays
Crystal-clear waters of San Blas
Tuborgana, as viewed by dugout canoe.
Diamant - FULL SAIL
Diamant under full sail
Distinctly Caribbean
Mayreau's amazing water color
Dreadlocked Rasta Kid
Hoping to get some spare change from the passengers coming ashore in Soufriere, St. Lucia.
Dream State
Completely quiet and still at 2am on S/V Polynesia's top deck.
Early Birds get the Logs
Seven sea birds spread over the seven wooden poles. - St. Lucia
El Galeon with Super Moon in Rigging
Full moon setting behind the rigging of El Galeon in St. Augustine.
Enchanting Caribbean Night
Ship anchored off Mayreau with Union Island in background (time-exposure on full-moon night)
Falls of Baleine
60-foot waterfall in St. Vincent with the sun's rays shining down through it.
Firey Surface Flow
Active pahoehoe lava flow - Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii 2007
Fishing Dreams
Old wooded boat on Margarita Island, Venezuela.
Flagler College
Flagler College during St Augustine's annual Nights of Lights.
Flying Honu
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle in Honaunau Bay - South Kona Coast, Hawaii
Fragrant Flowers in Asissi
An inviting aroma fills the streets of Asissi
Framed by Flora
S/V Polynesia anchored in Nevis.
Friendly Tortoise
This 200 year old land tortoise was not shy
Full Moon over Diamant
Time-exposure at Port Louis Marina in Grenada
Full Moon Rising over St. Augustine Beach
Full Moon rising over the Atlantic Ocean through the Sea Oats on St. Augustine Beach - August 2016
Full Sail Ahead
S/V Mandalay sailing along the coast of St. Vincent.
Gecko in Paradise
Gecko climbing down a coconut tree
Genuine Mola, Genuine Smile
Young kuna girl working on her masterpiece.
Great Cross at Sunset
St. Augustine's 208-foot cross at sunset
Great Horned Owl and Owlet
Mother owl and baby owlet by Fort Matanzas - Feb 2010
Green Sea Turtle
Colorful turtle at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize
Green Sea Turtle
Colorful turtle at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize
Green Sea Turtle (Honu)
Close encounter with a Hawaiian Honu (South Kona, Hawaii)
Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins
Wild spinner dolphins just off the coast of Kona
Hawaii's Winter Wonderland
Mauna Kea after a winter snow storm
Heavenly Rays
One of the two minor copulas inside St. Peters
Inviting Waters
Kua Bay on a perfect day! An incredible beach! Kona Coast, Hawaii
Kona Coastline
Beautiful Mahaiula Bay in Kekaha Kai State Park, Hawaii
Kuna Girl and her Pets
Posing for a photo with her puppy and iguana (in the unbrella)
Land ho!
S/V Polynesia approaching St. Kitts.
Lava Entry with Stars Above
March 2008 eruption of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii
Lava Ocean Entry
Lava from Kilauea Volcano entering the ocean - Hawaii 2006
Life Prevails
Links of anchor chain from a wreck now becoming an artificial reef.
Lightning over the Bridge of Lions
Evening thunderstorm passing through St. Augustine
Lions at the Bridge
Firm and Faithful have returned - April 2011
Magical Nights
Windjammer flag blowing in the wind with a crescant moon and Venus behind.
Magnolia Avenue
Located by the Fountain of Youth, and described as one of the most beautiful streets in the United States
Margarita Woman up close
Beautifully weathered local woman selling her crafts on the beach.
Matanzas Beach
Just south of St. Augustine on the southern end of Anastasia Island
Mauna Kea Sunset
View from atop Hawaii's tallest mountain at sunset
Middleham Falls (no people)
Rainbow through one of Dominica's many waterfalls - no special effects here.
Mokule'ia Beach - Oahu
Secluded Mokuleia Beach along Oahu's North Shore - part of ABCs 'LOST' were filmed here!
Moonbow over Mauna Loa
Rainbow created by the light of the full moon at the Jagger Museum on the summit of Kilauea Volcano, April 2008.
Motu on the reef
Beautiful reef leading to an isolated motu
Mt Hood in Autumn
A clear view of Oregon's highest peak
Nap Time
200-year-old land tortoise all worn out
NaPali Lookout
View of Na Pali coast from from Kalalau Lookout - Northern Kauai
Navigating the Chagres River
Embera indian assisting the dugout canoe through the shallow river.
Nights of Lights Tree and Full Moon
St. Augustine Plaza de la Constitution with the full moon rising over the Christmas Tree
An unusual look at an octopus out in the open.
Old City Door
Inviting doorway in the historic downtown section of St Augustine.
Old City Door -vertical
Inviting doorway in the historic downtown section of St Augustine.
Oozing Pahoehoe Lava
Lava from Kilauea Volcano oozing towards the ocean - Hawaii 2006
Overwater Bungalows
Sofitel in Moorea from up above
Pair of Sunflowers
In the heart of Loire Valley
Palms at Sunset
Sunset viewed through a grove of coconut palms
Palms in Paradise
Crooked palms reaching for the turquoise waters.
Palms in Paradise
Mahaiula Beach in Kekaha Kai State Park - Kona, Hawaii
Palms in Paradise - vertical
Crooked palms tree reaching for the turquoise waters.
Peaceful Forest Trail
Trail along the North Umpqua River
Sea Lion hiding its eyes from the morning sun
Goby fish hiding in a brain coral.
Pelican in Flight
On the hunt for some lunch in the Caribbean Islands.
Pelicans - Fresh Catch
Brown Pelican with a fish in its mouth on Vilano Pier, St. Augustine
Place of Refuge with Kii
Its a peaceful and beautiful place
Polynesian Blues
Blending in with the surroundings - Motu Mata
Powerful Pillars
Ancient pillars of a powerful empire
Present Moment Cafe
A tasteful mix of color at the Present Moment Cafe in St. Augustine, Florida.
Purple Fan
Beautiful fan coral with the turquoise water beneath.
Rainbow over the Bridge of Lions
Stormy morning in St. Augustine with a beautiful rainbow
Rainy Morning at the Helm
At the wheel of the S/V Mandalay on a cloudy morning in the San Blas.
Red Door in Courtyard
One of St. Augustine's charming courtyards
Roseate Spoonbill with stick
Wild roseate spoonbill building a nest in St Augustine - 2010.
S/V Mandalay in the distance
S/V Yankee Clipper and S/V Mandalay sailing along the coast of St. Vincent.
Sailing into a Rainbow
Small sailboat headed for the end of the rainbow.
Sailing into the Sunset
S/V Mandalay silhouetted by a beautiful tropical sunset.
San Blas Parking Lot
Colorful dugout canoes tied off to an old wooden dock.
San Blas Sunset
Through the rigging of the S/V Mandalay.
Sand Crab on St. Augustine Beach
Sand crab on the beach in Anastasia State Park
Secluded Beach
Stranded on a motu in the South Pacific
South Pacific sunrise
Calm seas at dawn off Raiatea
Space Shuttle Launch
Discovery as seen from St Augustine Beach - Aug 2009 - Long exposure
Space Shuttle Launch - April 2010
Pre-dawn launch of Discovery as viewed from St Augustine Beach. 2-minute time exposure.
Space X Rocket Launch
Launch of the Space X Rocket and Dragon Capsule
Steam Plume
Lava entering the ocean from Kilauea Volcano - Hawaii 2006
Still Holding Strong
As Kehena Black Sand Beach erodes, this tree continues to hold its ground. Puna, Hawaii
Strong Pillars - close
Standing the test of time
Sunflower Power
Wow, too much sun for even the best sunglasses!
Sunrise by the Pier
Sunrise from the Saint Augustine pier
Sunset off the Bow
Sun going down over St. Maarten.
Sunset over the Bridge of Lions
Dramatic sunset over St. Augustine during Nights of Lights.
Sunset Silhouette
Picturesque sailboat in the sparkling Caribbean waters.
Sunset through Aft Fairlead
Designed for the ship's lines, it also works great for framing a sunset!
Sunset through the Wheel
Aft helm of the Amazing Grace.
Super Moon over Bridge of Lions
Super Moon setting over the Bridge of Lions at dawn
Swirl of Fire
Oozing Pahoehoe lava from Kilauea Volcano - creating beautiful designs - Hawaii 2007
Tahitian Water Lily
Purple and yellow water lily on a rainy day.
The Chair
Storm approaching beach on Motu Mata, Tahaa, South Pacific.
The Perfect Beach
Tobago Cays in the Grenadines
Three Sailing Beauties
S/V Yankee Clipper, Mandalay and Legacy sailing side by side in the Caribbean.
Tire Swing
A swing that people of all ages can enjoy!
Tobago Cays
Windjammer's tall ships anchored off one of the Grenadines' gems
Tobago Cays with Diamant
Perfect day at the perfect beach
Traditional Leg Coverings
Kuna woman adding beadwork to her cover her lower legs.
Traveling along the Tracks
Crossing over a gulch aboard the St Kitts 'Sugar train'
True Affection
Mommy and newborn sea lion showing love for each other
Up the Mast
S/V Polynesia under full sail.
Vatican Pillars
These perfectly aligned giant pillars lead up to the Vatican
Colorful fishing boats
View from the Bosums Chair
S/V Yankee Clipper from atop the mast.
Waipio Valley Overlook
Amazing view from Waipio Valley, Hawaii (notice Maui in the distance)
Walk This Way
Inviting stairway in Pitigliano
Wave Movement Blurred
Dusk at Anastasia Beach
Wish You Were Here
S/V Mandalay anchored off the San Blas Islands (time-exposure lit by the moon)
Woman of Many Hats
Peruvian woman selling her hats and fabrics in Aguas Calientes, Peru.
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