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Photos for sale from Europe's highest peak, Mont Blanc in teh Alps.

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A Cool Summer
A beautiful summer morning in the Alps
A Cool Summer - Vertical
A beautiful summer morning in the Alps
Cloud Art
Swirls of white on a brilliant blue canvas
Jellyfish Cloud
One of the many unusual cloud formations blowing across Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc in June
Even on the hottest summer day, it is still cold up here
Mount Rose
Mount Rose towers in the distance
Panoramic View of the Alps
View from the top of Europe
Perfect Day in the Alps
Clear blue skies are the perfect backdrop for this impressive peak
Rugged Alpine Beauty
Still covered in snow, even in the middle of Summer
Snow Haze
The strong winds help create these unique cloud formations
Sun and Snow
View as we crossed the France / Italy border
The Road Less Traveled
Hikers exploring the glacier
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